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Where is Sligoville located?

Sligoville is a village in the hills of Saint Catherine, Jamaica. It is 13 miles (20km) north west of Kingston and 68 miles (110km) east of Montego Bay.




Sligoville Police Station



Sligoville, St. Catherine

Jamaica, West Indies


(876) 602-3099



The Sligoville Multi-purpose Sports Complex



Sligoville, St. Catherine

Jamaica, West Indies


Highgate in Sligoville (The Great House)



Sligoville, St. Catherine

Jamaica, West Indies

Sligoville Great House [Official website of Sligoville]




in Sligoville, St. Catherine


Mrs. Greene founded the Sligoville Senior Club and the Sligoville Taxi Association.


She led a demonstration to get the roads repaired in Sligoville and the roads were repaired under the previous administration.  That was several years ago. 


Mrs. Greene regularly fills potholes in Sligoville on her own with her crew, with cement and marl. 


She recently made representation to the Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Honorable Bruce Golding for the trees and roadways to be cleared in Sligoville, as it presented a clear and present danger to the traveling public.   There was a rather quick response and the roads are now clear.  An excellent job was done by NSWMA.  She continues to make representation to the Minister Henry for ongoing road repair of the roads since Nicole’s passing.


Mrs.Greene made representation to the Local Government and Water Government Ministers in the previous administration for Waugh Hill to receive water from Rural Water Supply.  She made sure that the district's men were hired  for the project. The project is now complete.  Waugh Hill now has piped water.  Representation is being made by her to have security for the pumps, so that they will not be stolen.  Thanks to former Minister Peart, and Minister Ferguson who made this possible. The project took six years to be completed and costs $19 million.  


She launched the Chicken Coop Project in Sligoville and Kitson Town, providing chickens and sometimes feed and medication for residents free of charge, with the idea that they will empower themselves financially.  She follows them closely to see that that is happening with their income from chickens.


Mrs. Greene in collaboration with several businesses in St. Catherine recently launched the St. Catherine Business and Civic Network. 


Mrs. Greene is a tireless community advocate.


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