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Facts about Spanish Town List of Hospitals in St. Catherine
List of Schools in St. Catherine List of Dentists in Spanish Town
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Facts about Spanish Town

Original Name Villa de la Vega (Town of the Plain)
Nickname Spain Town
Country Jamaica
Parish St. Catherine
County Middlesex
Time Zone EST
Area Code 876
Founded 1534 by the Spanish
Capital of Jamaica 1538 - 1872
Population Estimate (2009) 158,458

St. Jago de la Vega or Spanish Town once the capital city of Jamaica in the parish of St. Catherine has the finest collection of historical buildings, and the country's archives. Built on the West Bank of the Rio Cobre the town lies thirteen miles from Kingston on the main road. As a site of historical importance, its history was shaped by its experiences within two significant colonial periods. These periods are the Spanish from 1534 -1655 and the English from 1655 -1782.

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List of Schools in St. Catherine





Bridgeport Infant
Naggo Head Infant
Spanish Town Infant
Waterford Infant
Private Infant
Bright Beginnings
Brown's Little People

Angels Primary
Ascot Primary
Bartons Primary
Belmont Park Primary
Bermaddy Primary
Berwick Primary
Bonnett Primary
Bridgeport Primary
Browns Hall Primary
Cassava River Primary & Infant
Cedar Valley Primary & Infant
Crescent Primary
Davis Primary
Ecceston Primary
Eltham Park Primary
Ensom City Primary
Ewarton Primary
Friendship Primary
Giblatore Primary
Good Hope Primary
Grateful Hill Primary
Greater Portmore Primary
Gregory Park Primary
Guys Hill Primary
Homestead Primary
Horizon Park Primary
Independence City Primary
Jericho Primary
Kensington Primary
Kentish Primary
Marlie Hill Primary
Marlie Mount Primary & Infant
McAuley Primary
McCook Primary
Mount Hermon Primary
Mount Nebo Primary
Mount Rosser Primary & Infant
Naggo Head Primary
Old Harbour Bay Primary
Old Harbour Primary
Orangefield Primary
Paul Mountain Primary
Pear Tree Grove Primary
Polly Ground Primary
Port Henderson Primary
Portsmouth Primary
Rose Hill Primary
Sargeantville Primary
Southborough Primary
Spanish Town Primary
Springvale Primary
St. Catherine Primary
St. Faiths Primary
St. Johns Primary
Time and Patience Primary
Tulloch Primary
Wakefield Primary
Waterford Primary
York Street Primary

Glowell Preparatory
Little Angels Preparatory
Portmore Missionary Preparatory
PGA Academy (Preparatory)
St. Catherine's Preparatory
St. Jago Cathedral Preparatory School
Trinity Preparatory


All Age


Primary & Junior High

Bellas Gate All Age
Berry Hill All Age & Infant
Bois Content All Age
Garden Hill All Age
Ginger Ridge All Age
Guanaboa Vale All Age
Hamwalk All Age
Harewood All Age
Hartlands All Age
Juan De Bolas All Age
Jubilee Town All Age
Kitson Town All Age
Lluidas Vale All Age
Lucky Valley All Age
New Mount Industry All Age
Planters Hall All Age & Infant
Redwood All Age
Seafield All Age & Infant
Simon All Age
Sligoville All Age
Spring Gardens All Age
St. Mary's All Age
Top Hill All Age
Top Jackson All Age
Tredegar Park All Age
Tydixon All Age
Victoria All Age
Watermount All Age

Braeton Primary & Junior High
Linstead Primary & Junior High
Mount Moreland Primary & Junior High
Point Hill Leased Primary & Junior High
Rosemount Primary & Junior High
Troja Primary & Junior High
White Marl Primary & Junior High


Secondary High

Technical High

Private High

Ascot High School
Bog Walk High
Bridgeport High
Charlemont High School
Cumberland High
Eltham High
Ewarton High
Glengoffe High
Greater Portmore High
Guys Hill High
Innswood High
Jonathan Grant High
McGrath High
Old Harbour High
Spanish Town High
St. Catherine High School
St. Jago High School
St. Mary's College
Tacius Golding High
Waterford High

Dinthill Technical High
Jose Marti Technical High

DMP Academy
El Shadhai Learning Centre
Hydel Group of Schools
Monsignor Colin Bryan
Solid Base Group of Schools
Willowdene Group of Schools

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List of Hospitals

St. Catherine Division




Spanish Town Hospital


Burke Road, Spanish Town

St. Catherine, Jamaica


(876) 984-3031-5



(876) 984-7431


Linstead Hospital


Rodney Hall Road, Linstead

St. Catherine, Jamaica


(876) 985-2359 &



(876) 985-9742

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List of Dentists in Spanish Town


Bartley Carl W Doctor

Spanish Town Shopping Centre

Spanish Town, Jamaica

Tel: (876) 984-4230

Gore Premraj S Doctor

1 Oxford Road, Spanish Town

St. Catherine, Jamaica

Tel: (876) 984-3339

Wellington Dental

57 Wellington Street

Spanish Town

Tel: (876) 749-3515 & 984-5484

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Heads of Department

St. Catherine Parish Council


Head of Department

Secretary /Manager Mr. Christopher Powell
Director of Administration Mrs. Shirleen Greenland
Acting Director of Finance Ms. Delores Gooden
Acting Director of Planning Mr. Jumaane Robinson
Superintendent of Roads & Works Mr. Winston Kelly
Inspector of Poor Mrs. Yvonne Mitchell
Acting Matron Mrs. Hilda Richards
Commercial Services Manager Mr. Ferdinand Page
Information Management Specialist Ms. Chorlette Marshall
Office Manager Mrs. Carmen Bartley
Disaster Coordinator Ms. Patricia Lewis
Internal Auditor Mr. Michael McKenzie
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General Information





Member of Parliament:

Sharon Haye-Webster

Member of Parliament:

Olivia Grange





Councillor Norman Scott
19 Reading Rd.
Mt. View Est.
Tele: 873 8047

Councillor Everton Morrison
18 Williams Street
Spanish Town
Tele: 852 8376



Councillor Donovan Guy
7 Pate Avenue
Central Road
Central Village
Tele: 853 0868

Councillor Theresa Turner
23 Sturton Crescent
Ensom City
Spanish Town
Tele: 852 9013



Councillor Enos Lawrence
185 Dela Vega
Spanish Town
Tele: 852 8739

Councillor Hopeton Rose
Veta Close
Gordon Pen
Tele: 852 - 8605

Councillor Suzette Buchanan
City 19 Orchid Avenues
Hamilton Gardens
Gregory Park
Tele: 478 8301
Councillor Owen Palmer (Deputy Mayor)
16 Mansfield Dr.
Tele: 478 8411
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